Travel Team Options


Monthly Tuition: inquire about tuition

2.5-3hrs, 4-5days/week 

The Junior Olympic (JO) Team is the heart of the TNT Diving age-group program.  JO Team goals include regional and national level competition, college scholarship...maybe even Olympic Trials!  The full time team focuses on the same things as the part time team with more intensity and focus on the future of their diving.  This team has a requirement of attending ALL competitions as well as ALL dryland sessions.

2.5-3hrs, 3days/week

The Part time JO Team program requires a practice commitment of at least 3 days-per-week with 2hrs each time, dryland and concentrates on the following:

- coaching & training on both 1 and 3 meter boards   - preparation for and participation in USA Diving and AAU Diving competition   - focus on technique, form, and body awareness; physical and mental conditioning   - weekly dryland including strength training and flexibility



1m only until demonstrate 3m safety  

Monthly tuition: 1hr 15 min lessons 

2days/week .. $175

3days/week .. $225

This program introduces and establishes essential mechanics and techniques to be the best you can be...whether an 8-week summer club diver or a well seasoned elite athlete.  Participants will  learn fun new dives in addition to focusing on the basics.  Participation options include:  monthly and punch card. Quarterly payment are also an option. Each diver on this team will come for 1 hour of diving with 15 min of stretching. 

Punch Cards


(only for extra lessons or when unable to attend a whole month or session*)   

5-punch:  $125    10-punch:  $210     15-punch:  $275


May attend any time slot  below for 1 hr. 

Wednesday: 6:45-9

Thursday: 7-9p

Friday: 5:30-8p

Saturday: 9:30-12p